‘Acinema’ was a response to Jean-François Lyotard’s essay of the same title, which proposes that truly radical cinema would either be excessively mobile or excessively still. Through stop frame animation, this film attempts both. Sound was gathered via the onboard mic of the camera capturing the image; in this way sound in the room whilst […]

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‘4.45’ contains found footage taken during earthquakes, leaflets from the 2019 UK general election campaign and a voice reading out various rates that the UK minimum wage has been set at, amongst other things. Earthquake footage got me thinking about how we represent things that are huge and hard to image, like political moments, and […]

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exactly what we don’t need right now

‘Exactly what we don’t need right now’ was made within the context of locked down universities in 2020-21, where buildings stood empty and the people working within institutions were forced to improvise, often in difficult circumstances. UK universities have made huge investments in real estate in recent decades, whilst teaching budgets have decreased. In lockdown, […]

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